Thursday, February 21, 2008

Some Mornings

Some mornings as I'm getting ready for work, I look at myself in the mirror and think that none of this fits. I look at myself and realize that I am just a little girl playing dress up. I'm not really an adult. I don't really belong in these adult clothes.
Again, the date is wrong. It is Thursday, February 28, 2008.

Church Planting Update

This past Sunday Greenleaf held its "What the Heck is Greenleaf?" service. Some of you may be asking what the heck is a what the heck is Greenleaf service. For more detailed answers to that question, please see Rodger's blog.

In the essence of time, I will just report a few things that are standing out in my mind from last Sunday and from the church more generally speaking.

1. We are growing! We started with three. . . now we are hovering around 20! This last service we had 22 (I think).

2. We have our first home group. It is a floating home group, meaning we rotate whose home we meet at. It is fun. I love home groups.

3. My little worship team is developing. First it was just me. Then we added a percussionist. Now I am practicing with another guitar player in hopes that as the church grows and he becomes more familiar with the music, he will help out on Sunday evenings. Also, as we get more home groups, he might potentially lead in the homegroup setting.

4. We are continuing to reach out. We have been working with the Inter-Faith Council here in Chapel Hill to meet the needs of the poor and homeless in our community. Our newest project is the CROP Walk. I'll post more about it in the near future.

5. We are dreaming and praying big. Our little church really believes that God is at work in our community. We want to be a part of what He is doing more than anything else. We want to see miraculous things happen. We want to see lives changed! Pray with us for big things!
I don't know whay this happens so often now, but the date on this post is wrong. It is actually Tuesday, February 26, 2008.

In This Season of "Love"

Love is supposedly in the air this time of year, but not for moi. I work for a divorce attorney. If it is in fact "love" in the air around here, it is more like the foul stench of love gone bad. Perhaps it is love that was neglected in a dark corner or closet or outside in the elements where it molded and mildewed and rotted for years before anyone came to grips with the fact that they had to deal with it in some way, shape, or form.
I also found it interesting that the number of new clients we had coming on the three days coming up to V-Day (Valentine's) was significantly higher than our normal number of new clientele. All of these clients were wanting to separate from their spouse, and most of them after 25 years of marriage! These weren't just kids who foolishly rushed into marriage to someone they didn't really need to be marrying in the first place. Anyhow, I mentioned this observation to my boss and he says that this increase in separations around V-Day happens every year without fail, and he added that it also happens at Christmas time.
My theory on this phenomenon is that around these holidays people have heightened expectations about what their life is supposed to look like or how they are supposed to feel. When they realize that their expectations are just not a reality in their life, they get disheartened and give up. It is the same rationale I have for why the suicide rate goes up around Christmas time. It is sad and sobering. It gives this commitment-phobe one more reason to be glad I'm single.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

A Really Great Weekend

Me and Dan In One of the Tarheel Shops on Franklin Street
This weekend was one of the best since I've come to Chapel Hill. A couple of weeks ago I discovered that one of my college roommates is living in Raleigh and is only about 45 minutes away from where I live. So we made arrangements to meet halfway for dinner on Saturday night. It was so great to see her again and catch up on life. It is also so great to know that I have a really good friend who is within a reasonable driving distance from my home .
On Friday my former boss from Augusta called to say that he was coming to Chapel Hill on Sunday with his parents and his son (who was my guitar student) for the Carolina/Clemson game. As it turned out, I only had a short visit of about 45 minutes with them. But still, it is always so nice to see some familiar friendly faces and get a few hugs and words of encouragement where you can.
All in all, it was a great weekend. I have high hopes for next weekend as well, since my good friend Shelley and her daughters will be coming to stay at my humble abode for a couple of nights.
I don't know why or how to fix it, but the date on this post is wrong. It should be Monday, February 11.

7 Oddities

At the inspiration of Amie and Dianna, I am posting seven of my quirky charactersitics/tendencies.

1. I talk to myself out loud and I do it all the time. At my house, at work, in the car. I'm sure other drivers, past roommates, and co-workers think I am mental. What am I talking to myself about? Usually I am rehearsing difficult conversations I think I might have to have in the forseeable future, unless I'm at work. When I'm at work and talking to myself, I am usually trying to keep myself focused on the task at hand. I know it's wierd that I have to rehearse conversations, but I HATE conflict and whenever I get in one of those tough conversations I freeze up and can't handle it. So I practice ahead of time to avoid/lessen the whole freezing up scenario.

2. I will eat honey mustard on damn near everything.

3. I have a strong dislike for banana flavored food products. I like bananas themselves quite a lot, but anything banana flavored is just yuck to me. I don't get it, but it is what it is.

4. I don't think it's clausterphobia, but I do have some kind of phobia involving being in a large crowd of people and not having enough personal space. I've never had a full on panic attack, but I will get really flustered and can't quite breathe right when I find myself in such a situation. This is why at church I always sit in either the front row or on an aisle seat if it is at all possible.

5. I can't stand it when people say "don't take it personally". I know a lot of times when people say this they are trying to make things better or soften a blow of some sort. But to me, it just seems like a cop out and a rediculous one at that. Please tell me what in our interactions with other human beings is not personal because, to me, it is all personal.

6. With me, flattery will get you anywhere almost. Keep stroking my ego, and we will get along juuuuust fine. ;)

7. I can swallow pills without washing them down with anything, even the really big ones.

I think the rules are that I am supposed to tag some people and they have to do the same post on their blog. I am a rule breaker like Dianna. If you want to do the post, great. If not, great.

A Little Out of Touch

I rarely go so long between posts, but my lack of recent posting is due to a number of reasons including, but not limited to:

1. I have no computer at my apartment. All personal computer and internet activities must be done during my lunch break at work or when I come in early to work.

2. I have actually been really busy for the last two weeks. Work is busy. Church is busy. And I'm actually getting some pet sitting jobs through the pet care agency I signed on with. All of these things are going well, but keeping me busy.

3. I haven't had much to say and the things I did have to say weren't particularly amusing or interesting. So just not much motivation to post.

So here I am on my lunch break and I am finally caught up with all my regular emailing and online bill paying, etc. I still don't have much to say, but I'll give you the latest on life in North Carolina.

I'm still enjoying my job very much, especially now that I have a little more job security. It is a busy office and sometimes almost too busy and sometimes not quite so busy. But generally I don't feel too stressed nor am I ever at a loss for something to do. My boss is a good guy with a slightly odd sense of humor. It is a good fit for me.

My apartment is feeling more like home everyday. As I said in my last post, I now have a bed and an incredible comfy chair. Also, my parents came to visit this past weekend and brought up my boxes with some of my wall art and family pictures. They also bought me some groceries while they were here. It was superb. Also, I arranged area rugs and decorative pillows to create seating areas in my livingroom while I am without a sofa and other chairs. So it has a sort of homey look and feeling despite the lack of furniture. I really like having my own place and not feeling like I am ever encroaching on someone else's space. I might end up getting a roommate somewhere down the line, but I am in no immediate rush for it.

Church is going very well. Our attendance for the last two Sundays has been 14 both weeks! And that's including the fact that four of our regulars were not there this past Sunday! That is some pretty good growth. Now we just have to keep them coming. Greenleaf is also having their very first, first home group meeting tonight. I am excited. I love home groups. Especially as the church grows in number, the home group is where real community and relationship happens. In addition to getting a home group started, Greenleaf is having a special event on February 24th called "What the Heck is Greenleaf?" The event will be something akin to a newcomer's orientation, in which people can get the background of not only Greenleaf, but of the entire Vineyard movement. We are all busily planning and preparing for the event. I am in charge of flyers. So myself and others who volunteered to help me out have been roaming the streets of Durham, Carrboro, and Chapel Hill posting flyers around town.

I am slowly forming some friendships with people here. I went with one person from our church to see a local band on Monday night. The band was good. The company and conversation was good too. Last night I went with another person from our church to watch the Carolina/Duke basketball game at a bar on Franklin Street in downtown Chapel Hill. It was a fun experience, as the University of NC and Duke are huge rivals and the crowds watching the game (even at the bars) get pretty intense about it all. Angela and Rodger and a couple others met up with us to watch the game also. A good time was had by all (except for the people who were really and truly bummed about Carolina's loss). So here's to making friends and getting a life!