Monday, December 31, 2007

Courtesy of Esther. . .

I finally have some pictures posted. I never, never remember to bring a camera anywhere. But Esther is a picture taking fool these days, so she sent me some from my recent visit to D.C.

Hey! If I'm lucky, my family will send me some from Christmas and I can post some more!




All four of us had lived in Cairo for some period of time, so when we passed a store in D.C. named the Khan-el-Khalili, which was named after Cairo's famous open air market, we just had to go in and check it out.

Emily's Car Match

Emily is a friend of mine who I met during my time in Cairo. As fate would have it, she is now in D.C. So when I made the trip to visit with Esther, I got to see her also! Yay!
We were walking around the streets of D.C. and found Emily's car match. We decided that since they match so well, the car was destined to be hers. Then we tried to find our own matches. Unfortunately for me, I didn't spot any pink and black vehicles.

More From D.C.


Sunday, December 30, 2007

Mirror Series Continued



The Mirror Series


Pictures From D.C.


In Case You Were Wondering. . .


We went to visit the historic post office in D.C. It seems that they have a bell ringing society that meets there weekly to learn and practice the art of bell ringing. We got a kick out of this sign explaining bell ringing and its many benefits. My favorite line is the one about "euphoric detachment". Who knew that bell ringing was so intense?

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas From Georgia

I am love, love, loving Christmas with my family. My Aunt and Uncle from Pennsylvania are in town to celebrate with us. Unfortunately, my brother and his family could not be with us on Christmas day, but I will have the pleasure of spending Friday night with them. Lots of pictures have been taken of my adorable niece and nephew and I'd like to post some on my blog, but you know how I am. . . I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for them.

Last night was the Christmas Eve service at my church here in Augusta. It was nice. I even got the nerve up to invite a friend who is not a church goer. I think he had a nice time. I hope he had a nice time. I always feel so on edge about it. I don't want my friends to feel uncomfortable at all or like I am trying to pressure them into a weird situation, but I do want to share my life with them and I do want to share myself with them and most of all I do want to share God with them. So I invited him and he came. We looked at Christmas lights afterwards and talked about a book he is in the process of writing. I really enjoyed my time with him.

Well, I hope you are all having a very merry Christmas!!!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Home Again, Home Again. . .

Home Again, Home Again
With a big, fat hog

That was one of those weird things my mom used to say all the time when I was a kid and never knew what it was about or where it originated from.

Anyhow, I am home again for the whole week, but I left all my hogs in North Carolina. So if any of you Augustans would like to get together, I would be most grateful for your friendly, familiar faces. The week is already starting to look insanely busy, but good. Well, I'm babysitting my niece and nephew and they are waking up from nap time. So gotta go!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Apartment

I looked at an apartment tonight. The place isn't fabulous with all the bells and whistles that one ideally hopes to find in a place, but it is a good size for me and in a good location for me and at a good price for me. The things I love about it are as follows:

1. I'll have an extra room for music room/office/extra room for visitors (SO FRIENDS HAVE TO COME VISIT ME!!!!)

2. The living room is big enough to host a small group.

3. The bedroom closet is gi-normous and will be spacious enough for my gi-normous wardrobe (I collect clothes as one of my hobbies).

4. The price is very reasonable.

Things I don't love are as follows:

1. The kitchen is teeny tiny.

2. No washer/dryer or hookups in the apartment. You have to use one in the basement of the building or go to the laundry mat. (But looking on the bright side, I may actually have a chance to meet people while I am doing my laundry.)

3. Carpet everywhere but the kitchen and bathroom. I am more a fan of hardwood floors or even tile. Plus, I don't currently own a vacuum. So that's gonna be one more expense.

4. It is on the third floor, which won't be a long term problem but it is gonna suck when I'm moving in.

I go in tomorrow to fill out paperwork at the complex. Pray that things go well. It would be so awesome to move into my own place as soon as I come back after the holidays. But if it doesn't work out, it is not the end of the world (although it might feel like it for a day or two).

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Apartment Hunting

I'm looking at an apartment tomorrow. . . and thus the next phase of getting myself settled begins. Wish me luck! (and keep wishing me luck on the job front, because I am still a temp and who knows if it will really work out or not)

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Back From D.C.

The weekend was great. I went to D.C. to visit Esther. Esther has an adorable basement apartment in D.C. The weekend was spent catching up on each others lives, walking around D.C. in the freezing cold, playing scrabble, and watching a super-cheesy chick flick. Of course I didn't bring my camera, but Esther took some pictures and she should be sending some to me. So maybe I'll post some in a couple of days.
Also, tonight was our Christmas service at Greenleaf. In some ways, our first Christmas service was something akin to the first Christmas itself. Now don't get me wrong, Jesus' birth was way more monumental than our little service. But Jesus' birth was humble and things didn't go the way I'm sure Mary and Joseph wanted or planned for. Similarly, our service was humble with only a small number of us meeting together. And things didn't go the way Rodger and Angela and I planned. Angela accidentally left her sermonette at home on the desk. Rodger forgot the communion bread, so we had to make a stop at the grocery store before church and that made us quite rushed to get to church on time. I had a special song in the service that was supposed to be me and the two kids singing, but one of the two kids got stage fright so it was just me and the other child. And the room that was supposed to be left unlocked for us to meet in was locked and we couldn't get in. So we met in the lobby of the building. In the end, it all came together and was just fine. Nothing big and fancy, nothing that gave the appearence of being monumental or important, but hopefully God was honored through it all. Hopefully, God looked lovingly down on our humble little service and smiled.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Good Day

Today is one of those days where nothing really amazing happened, but lots of little good things happened and you just find yourself smiling all day long. yay. I like those days alot.

Good thing #1: My boss paid me a compliment today. He thanked me for all my work in the office and complimented how organized and neat everything was and noted that it was so much better than before I was there.

Good thing #2: I had this crazy dream last night. I dreamed an episode of The Office. Not like a dream repeating an old episode. This was brand new episode of my very own imagination. I'm sure it was genius. Unfortunately, I can't remember enough of it to make any sense. Darn it.

Good thing #3: I got my oil changed at the best jiffy lube in the world. The employees there were so friendly and helpful to all of the customers, but they treated me like a movie star. Why, you ask? Because my car has over 361,000 miles on it. That is something to be treated with reverence in the jiffy lube world.

Good thing #4: This was actually from yesterday, but it had me smiling all day today. My boss told me that I have the whole week of Christmas off! Not that I mind working. I'm really loving it, but nothing beats seeing friends and family that I miss like crazy.

Good thing #5: A phone call from my mom. Sometimes she is just so sweet. I miss her.

Good thing #6: A phone conversation with my friend John. He always says the right things and makes me feel like a million dollars. Plus I found out that one of his friends thinks I have mad Dance, Dance Revolution skills, which is a major self -esteem booster for me.

Good thing #7: A voice mail from my friend Jeremy. He doesn't always say the right things, but when he does. . . you know he means it. :O)

Good thing #8: A comment on my blog from Dianna, and reading her blog as well. She makes me laugh and so do her girls.

Good thing #9: A generally nice/fun evening with Rodger and Angela. I can't put my finger on it, but there was a feeling of pleasantness throughout the house. Not that it is ever really unpleasant, but tonight was exceptionally pleasant.

Good thing #10: Emails from one of my sisters as well as my sister-in-law. Just good to touch base with them, ya know.

Good thing #11: I am going to see Esther tomorrow. That definitely made me smile all day today.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Screwy Blog

The blog keeps saying my posts are from last Saturday, but they aren't. wierd.

Running Club

I joined a running club over the weekend. Tonight was my first group run with the Cardinal Track Running Club. It was good. It was fun. Hopefully I'll make a new friend or two.

Meeting Downtown

Tonight was Greenleaf's first meeting in our new downtown location. It was great! One of the couples coming lives only three blocks away and was able to just walk to church! The location is better for everyone really, not to mention we are no longer a weird church meeting at a house out in the woods. Now when people ask me where the church meets, I can proudly say downtown on Franklin Street in the Bank of America Building. We are all really excited about it!

Pirate Party

Our neighbors threw a pirate party last night. Rodger, Angela, and I all donned our best piratey outfits and had a good time getting to know our neighbors just a little bit better. I could kick myself for not taking pictures. Oh well. It was a good time anyway. I don't get to go to nearly enough costume parties.

There's a Rumbly in My Tumbly

I stole this from Mark's blog.
I'm sure the book was a best seller.

A Place Downtown!

Greenleaf has managed to get a place to meet in downtown Chapel Hill! Yay! We are meeting in a conference room in the building that Angela works at during the week. This is great for several reasons.

1. People can easily get lost coming all the way out to Rodger and Angela's house for the first time. (the new place will be easy to find)

2. It is easy to imagine that people may be freaked out by coming to a church that meets in someone's house all the way out in the middle of the woods.

3. The new spot is a convenient location to most people in Chapel Hill.

4. The larger room means a better capacity for growth.

5. It is an encouragment to Rodger, Angela, and myself that as we are faithful in praying and doing our part of the work, God is meeting our needs and the needs of the church.

We will meet there starting this Sunday. The plan is to meet there for December without doing any extra advertising. We will take this month to get used to our new space and work out any kinks. In January we will advertise our meeting place and hopefully get some response.

Friday, December 07, 2007


Yesterday at work I had a good laugh with my boss (which is always good).

He stood next to me and dictated a letter while I transcribed it. So I type the letter up and start to proofread it. And in my defense, I wasn't finished proofreading. He looks over my shoulder and points out a mistake that would not have been good if it went out on the letter to another attorney (or anyone for that matter).

The phase should have been "if I do not hear from you".

I wrote "if I do not hear from f you".

Hee hee. I'm glad that one got caught in the proof read.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The First Day

Day one at the new temp-to-hire position went well. It is a small office with just the one lawyer and two other girls who work part-time. They all seemed really nice. The lawyer was up front with me that he was still advertising the position. So it very well may be that he doesn't decide in my favor, but I appreciate his honesty and openess. Other than that, not much else to say. I hope it goes well. I hope he hires me.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

When It Rains, It Pours

For weeks nothing, nothing, nothing. Hardly any call backs. Maybe one interview. But no job.

But this week I had 5 interviews (plus one more on Saturday and a phone interview scheduled for Monday!). Crazy. The result: (1) two temp jobs to decide between, (2) a highly possible part-time pet-sitting position, (3) a back-up position as a substitute teacher, (4) a second interview at a place I really don't want to work at, (5) a potential part-time job at a law firm in Carrboro, and (6) two positions that (presumably) decided against me. So now it seems is decision time. I have to just take some time to really look into the different positions and see which one looks like the best fit for me. It is a bit overwhelming, but exciting nonetheless!

Good Feeling Affirmed

I got the temp job. It should keep me working through most of December. I will start either tomorrow afternoon or Friday. Yay!
The substitute teacher interview also went well. I need to get a TB test and have my college transcript sent to them and I'm in.
I also got another call back from a law office in Carrboro. I will have a phone interview with them on Monday morning. The position is only part-time, but the location is good and I'm more than qualified for it. So here's hoping it goes well and that by part-time they mean 25-30 hrs/wk, as opposed to 15-20 hrs/wk.

A Good Feeling

I don't know why or even if it means anything at all, but I have a good feeling about this week. Like maybe I'll get a job this week or at least move a step closer to getting a job. And I actually do have some real possibilities too. There was the interview on Monday. I have two interviews today (one for substitute teaching and the other for temporary admin work). I have one interview tomorrow (for another admin position). I also have been playing phone tag with a lady who runs a pet sitting agency.
So between all of those possibilities, I am bound to get something. Granted what I get may only be part-time or temporary or a longer commute than I would like, but it will still be something. Oh yeah, and I may have guitar student too. So we shall see.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Post-Thanksgiving Post

Thanksgiving and my time at home were lovely. Here are some highlights for me in no particular order:
1. Long talks and prayer with Shelley.
2. Playing Apples to Apples with Shelly and her girls.
3. Taking James to see a movie.
4. Decorating the tree with Julie and her crew.
5. Listening to James talk about the moon (he is obsessed with it now).
6. Playing Dance, Dance Revolution.
7. Watching 5 other adults play Dance, Dance Revolution.
8. Catching up with the elusive Lisa Pendlebury.
9. Having coffee with my mom.
10. Listening to the Shaun Piazza Band.
In other news, I had one interview yesterday morning. I felt that it went well. However this is another one that will be a heck of a commute. It took nearly an hour with no traffic problems and this is a commute that there will be plenty of traffic problems on. But at this point. . . if they offer it, I'm taking it.
I was supposed to have a second interview. This was supposed to be a group interview. I showed up. I was the only one who showed up (which works for me), but the girl at the desk said that there was some scheduling problems and they just wanted me to fill out an application and leave my resume. That was slightly disappointing, but I didn't have high hopes for this one anyhow. But I would very much like it if they did show interest in me. This one is in Durham, so it is much closer to home.
Outside of that, no news.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Last night I had some wonderful friend therapy with my good friend Shelley. Ah the beauty of friendship. We carry each others joys and sorrows around with us. When my good friend struggles, I stuggle. When my good friend is given good things, I enjoy those good things too. Luckily Shelley is going through a fair amount of good things in life these days, so talking to her got me to smiling and laughing so much that I could forget all my stress and worries for awhile. Friendship truly is a beautiful thing. On this Thanksgiving day, I am here to give thanks for it.

I am also going to say that Shelley mentioned a dream I had back at the end of August. So I searched my blogs this morning to reread my dream. I am not someone who believes that every dream I have is prophetic or God's voice speaking into my life, but this dream in particular did seem to give me a picture of how this whole Chapel Hill experience is going thus far. Unfortunately, the dream did not come to any sort of ending, happy or sad. It was one of those ones that seems to stop in the middle and you never see the ending, like it took a commercial break at the pivotal moment and never came back or like there should have been a "to be continued" sign that appeared after the last scene. Maybe I should pray for God to give me part II of the driving dream. Here are my imagined endings for this dream: (1)my car dies, a handsome stranger stops to fix it or give me a ride, and we end up taking a trip to the Red Sea to go scuba diving; (2) my car stops, I restart it, it suddenly starts working properly, and I go forward as I intended to from the beginning; or (3) a driver taken off guard smashes into my car, ambulances rush me to the hospital, but the best modern medicine can do for me is leave me as a vegetable for the remainder of my time here on earth.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

More on the Job Front

The position I interviewed for last Monday. . . I didn't get it.

Monday, November 19, 2007

3 More Interviews!

Last night I managed to get a very preliminary interview for a receptionist position at a wholistic health clinic in Durham. This sounds like it would be a fun job, but I'm not getting my hopes too high on it. The impression I got was that they were bringing in anyone who responded to their ad. They have four set times for people to come in for a group interview. Then they start eliminating from there. So I'm not entirely sure that I am what they are looking for. I don't think they have looked at my resume or anything. Anyhow, I am going for the group interview they have scheduled for Monday at 12:00.

This morning I got a call back for a receptionist/administrative assistant position at a financial services firm in Cary. The lady I spoke to on the phone had actually read my resume and seemed genuinely interested in having me come in to interview. That interview is scheduled for Monday at 10:00am.

While I was on the phone with the lady from the financial services firm, I got a call on my cell phone regarding another job! This lady left a message. It was for a personal assistant position. She wants me to come in for an interview. I called her back, got her voicemail, and left a message. So hopefully I will be able to get that interview scheduled for early next week too.
In other news, I am going home tonight for the Thanksgiving holidays. It will be good to be home, even though I was there only about a week and a half ago.

Church Planting is Hard

Just in case you all had any doubts in your mind, I am here to confirm that church planting is not easy. I think I have cried more in the last three weeks than I have in the last year (due to all the job stuff, loneliness and various other issues I am dealing with). I am starting to worry that Rodger and Angela will think that I am a complete emotional basket case. I swear I am not normally this way.
But I will say this: I know I am supposed to be here, and although this whole experience is harder than I expected or was prepared for, I am still absolutely 100% committed to this. Period, end of paragaph.

The Interview Update

I had an interview this morning. It went well. They want someone to start next week, so I'll know something by the end of this week. That's good. At least I won't be sitting around wondering for weeks on end.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Running is Fun

So much fun that I jogged 10 miles this morning. It was awesome.


I get so nervous. . . I'm shaking
Gets so I got no pride at all
Gets so bad but I just keep coming back for more
I guess I just get off on that stuff

I'm thinking about taking some time
I'm thinking about leaving soon

I got some things I can't tell anyone
I got some things I just can't say
They're the kind of things no one knows about
I just need somebody to talk to me

I'm thinking about leaving tomorrow
I'm thinking about being on my own
I think I been wasting my time
I'm thinking about getting out

In all this time,
The bottom line's you don't know how much I feel
You say you see, but I don't agree
You don't know how I feel

I'm just tryin' to get myself some gravity
You're just tryin' to get me to stay
Sometimes I sit here looking down upon Los Angeles
Sometimes I'm floating away

I'm thinking about breaking myself
I'm thinking about getting back home
I think I been waiting for way too long
I'm thinking about getting out


I have an interview on Monday! Yay!

It looks like this job is another one that will be a 45 minute commute (if I get it). So that isn't ideal, but it would be a job. And if I get it, I can always find a place to live that is somewhere in between Chapel Hill and Cary.

Anyhow, wish me luck!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Words of "Encouragment"

Since I've been out of a job, many caring people have come to me with words of encouragment. Many of these words have actually been very encouraging. Some of them are mildly encouraging. But every so often I'll get a word of encouragment that is actually not encouraging at all. For example:
Other Person: Before I found this job I was out of work for a year and a half.
Me: What did you do during that time?
Other Person: Character building.
I literally cannot fathom being out of work for a year and a half. Please God do not let that happen to me.

Friday, November 09, 2007

A Weekend Back Home

I can't wait for Chapel Hill to feel like home, but I'm just not there yet. I must admit that Augusta is still home and Chapel Hill is this really cool place that I am staying at for the time being. I think I will eventually feel at home in Chapel Hill, but it will take some time and some change in circumstances. For example, it's hard for a place to feel like home when you really only know about five people there and only two of them do you consider close friends. It's hard for a place to feel like home when everyday is a big question mark (will I get job today?, will I get lost today?, will I meet someone new today?, will I sit around bored to death all day?), meaning that there is no real routine in my life there. It is hard for a place to feel like home when you are living in someone else's home. On top of that it's hard for a place you've lived in for one month to feel like home when you compare it to a place you lived in for over 14 years. So I am trying to patiently wait for Chapel Hill to become "home".

But for right now Augusta still feels like home and home is where I am for the weekend. After my disappointing week, my darling little sister told me to come home and she would foot the bill for gas and a ticket to go see the Avett Brothers (one of our favorite bands). It's good to be home and be among family and friends. It's good to have days so filled up with activity that I have no idea how I will get everything accomplished that I want to get accomplished and how I will have time to see all the people I want to see. But the best part is HUGS and lots of them.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Back to Square One

I did not get hired on. He decided in favor of another girl he interviewed. She starts today. I was told yesterday at 4:50 pm that they didn't need me anymore. He tried to be nice about it and complemented this, that, and the other about my work. He said he would be happy to give me a reference if I needed it. But somehow all the compliments smell like manure, because HE DIDN'T WANT ME SO CLEARLY ALL MY GOOD TRAITS WEREN'T ENOUGH FOR HIM SO WHAT MAKES HIM THINK THEY'LL BE ENOUGH FOR ANYBODY ELSE.
The rejection from not getting a job after you temp there for two and a half weeks is slightly different than the rejection you feel when you don't get a job after interviewing. Not everyone interviews well, even people who are great at their job. And even people who normally interview well can have a bad one from time to time. So rejection after an interview can be justified by saying that "oh if he had only seen me in an actual work environment, then he would have hired me." But at this moment I can't even say that to make myself feel better.
Rejection after temping is more like the rejection after being dumped. Okay, I will give you that being dumped is decidedly worse. You all know that stinging feeling when your past significant other(s) sat you down and gave you the talk. The whole "you're so great, but. . . ", "you're one of the coolest, smartest, best-looking, best-kissing, kindest, most-loving, (insert superlative of choice here), but. . ." Sigh. Then I want to restate what I said earlier: HE DIDN'T WANT ME SO CLEARLY ALL MY GOOD TRAITS WEREN'T ENOUGH FOR HIM SO WHAT MAKES HIM THINK THEY'LL BE ENOUGH FOR ANYBODY ELSE.
So maybe I'm melodramatic. I don't care. I'm entitled to be melodramatic for at least one day after not getting this job.

Monday, November 05, 2007

The Job Update

Well, things at the temp job are okay, but not as perfectly wonderful as they could be.

The good parts are as follows:
-money in my bank account
-99% of the people in the office are great and so easy to get along with

The not-so-good parts are as follows:
-the job is boring with a capital B
-the guy I'm working under is still interviewing people for the position, so I'm thinking he doesn't even want to hire me

So like I said, I might not even be offered the job. If that is the case, I am of the opinion that not getting this job isn't the end of the world. If I am offered the job, I am honestly not sure I will take it. I might. I might not. I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

In the meantime I am keeping my eyes open for other employment opportunities.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Friday Night

. . . and no where to go and no one to go out with.
This whole being in a new town and knowing only two people is not really all that fun for me sometimes. Don't get me wrong, this move was a good thing but it is quite an adjustment.
I'm home alone on a Friday night. So here is the plan. My own private wine and cheese party, but not just any wine and cheese party, this is a wine and cheese and 80s movies party. Food Lion was selling VHS tapes for $1.99, so I got See No Evil, Hear No Evil and Midnight Madness.

By Popular Demand

Rubiks Cube Rodger

Suggestion Box Angela

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Ellie as a dalmation

James as a hound dog


Last night Rodger, Angela, and I went out to Chapel Hill's big Halloween event downtown. It was fun. There were about 70,000 people there and most of them were all decked out with their halloween spirit (there were a small percentage of creepy men who came out with the obvious purpose of gawking at all the scantily clad females, and make no mistake there were plenty to be gawked at). But there were lots of really fun, creative costumes. Rodger dressed up as a rubiks cube. Angela was a suggestion box. There was a group of girls who dressed up as manetic poetry. There was one couple who dressed as Thing 1 and Thing 2. My favorite costume choice was a group of about 6 college age guys who dressed up as tetris. They each picked a shape and it was awesome. I dressed up as Cindy Lauper, since I had no money to buy the makings of a new costume and I already had a great 80s outfit from my regular visits to the Soul Bar for their monthly 80s night. Not to mention, I have great 80s hair. It is one of my super powers.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Tooting My Own Horn

I jogged seven miles today. I am proud of myself. I can't deny it.
I went to a dairy farm this afternoon. The farm has a little country store on it where they sell milk and ice cream. I had a yummy sugar cone with chocolate chip cookie dough and enjoyed it on a rocking chair on the store's porch. It was so peaceful and pleasant.

Friday, October 26, 2007

So Far, So Good

Thus far, the temp position is working out fine. The attorney I work under is an easy-going, easy to work for kind of guy. The gal I share an office space with is lovely. The only real down side to this job is the commute. It is about 40-45 minutes from Rodger and Angela's house. When I get my own place I could look for something sort of in between Chapel Hill and Pittsboro, but we'll see how it all works out. We'll see, if they hire me for real it would definitely be worth moving a bit closer.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Temp Job

I have a job starting Monday! It is through the temp agency, but it is a temp to hire position. From my understanding, I would be a temp for the remainder of this year and then (hopefully) be hired at the beginning of next year.
The temp job is $12.25/hr. So that is good and right in the range of pay I was hoping for ($10-$15/hr). I think it is full-time, but I don't really have all the details yet. I would be working as a legal secretary for the County Attorney for Chatham County. And if I were to be hired as a permanent employee I would be earning between $36,500 and $40,000/year!!!! That is like a real job. That is like a job I might actually want to stick around Chapel Hill for quite sometime for. That is like a maybe-I-could-buy-a-house-sometime-in-this-lifetime type of job. That is like a you-can-definitely-afford-to-buy-a-car-that-was-built-in-the-last-ten-years kind of job.
I am trying to not get too excited, as it might turn out that they don't hire me. But in the meantime, it's a job and it's money. Yay!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Our State Fair

Our state fair is a great state fair
Don't miss it, don't even be late
It's dollars to donuts that our state fair
Is the best state fair in our state!

Last night Rodger, Angela, Chris, Carolina, and I went to the NC State Fair in Raleigh. (Chris and Carolina are a college couple who are a part of our little church family.) The highlights of the evening were deep fried coke (proof that you really can deep fry anything), elephant ears (something like a funnel cake, but not quite as good), pig racing (as well as goats and geese!), Chris and Carolina doing the rock climbing wall, posing for pictures with a UFO, and watching a blacksmith do a demonstration. It was fun and it was definitely good to get out of the house and socialize a little.
Also, I am super proud of myself for jogging over 6 miles today! I was jogging a track and at one point I lost count of which lap I was on so I either did 6.2 miles or 6.6 miles. Either way, I was shooting for 6 and I definitely got there. Yay for me! Now if I just wasn't eating crap like deep fried coke and elephant ears, I might be losing some weight too.

Interview Update

I interviewed. It went fine. We'll see what happens. I should hear from them by Monday of next week.

Monday, October 15, 2007


I have an interview set up for Wednesday! yay! Pray that it goes well.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

The First Week

I have officially been here in Chapel Hill for a week now. I have to say that it has not been easy for me. I also have to say that it could be much worse.
It has not been easy because (1) I still have no job, (2) I have very limited funds which prevents me from going out exploring because I will spend money, (3) I am homesick for friends and family, and (4) I am hug deprived.
It has not been that bad because (1) I am living with Rodger and Angela and they are wonderful, (2) I did have a call back on a job which gives me a little hope, (3) I found a coffee shop that I love, (4) I have taken up jogging as my new hobby, and (5) we had an unexpected visit last night from Andrew S. from our old church in Augusta.
Jogging has been fabulous. It helps me deal with stress, fight depression, and pass the time without spending money.
The coffee shop is The Open Eye Cafe. It is a happy reminder of two of my former favorite coffee shops. The ambiance and clientele remind me of the old Orwell's Cafe on Eighth Street. The coffee itself reminds me of Cafe Greko on Road Nine. I made this discovery last night and it really did somehow help the homesick feeling.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

All Moved In

I arrived yesterday evening to my new home in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. It took suprisingly little time to unpack and get settled. So here I am. . . excited and, I must admit, a little scared.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

The Unemployment Begins

Yesterday was my last day at work. It was sad. I will miss everybody there. I'll miss having the world's greatest boss.

This week has also been filled with good-byes to people from church. I have plans with a few more people between today and tomorrow, just so we can hang out one last time before I go. Then on Saturday it is down to my family and the hardest good-byes.

I know I will be seeing most, if not all of these people again. But its still sad that I won't be seeing my family day in and day out, and I won't be seeing alot of these people whom I love dearly every couple of days or weeks even. And, laugh if you will, but I seriously require A LOT of hugs in order to survive. I'm slightly concerned that I will be hug deprived.

But on the bright side, I think of all the new people I will meet and all the new friendships to be made. And I'm excited about living with Rodger and Angela for a little while!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Just When I Thought. . .

. . . I could relax a little about my employment/income situation (or lack there of), I take my car to have some maintenance work done. I knew I needed new tires. I knew my brakes needed work. So Phil from church graciously offered to have a look at my brakes (tomorrow) and see what he could do. I took my car to Tire Kingdom today to get three new tires. While they had my car, they called me up to let me know that my brakes were in bad shape and my CV axles were busted. It was already $250 for the tires and they wanted an additional $450 for the axles. YIKES! I opted for just the tires and called up another auto mechanic, who I knew to be fair and honest, about my CV axles. He quoted me $400 for the work. Still yikes, but every little bit helps.

Then I went to pick up my car from tire kingdom. Then the guy there asked me if I had the timing belt replaced recently, because if I had not had that done I shouldn't be spending all this money on axles and brakes and tires. So I called up the former owner and asked about the timing belt. Sure enough. . . it is time for that to be replaced too. So I called my mechanic back up and said forget the axles, let's do the timing belt. Still a $400 job.

So bye, bye to all the money I just received from my church family. But I sure am glad that they gave me the money so that I can have all this work done. It just means that I am back to my former state of freaking out about not having any income after tomorrow. Such is life. God will make a way.

Monday, October 01, 2007

The Inner Bean

I played at open mic night at the Inner Bean Cafe (Davis Road). The place is really nice. Cool people running it. Good coffee (the kind that kicks Starbucks' butt!). Nice atmosphere. Good art work. Comfy chairs. I'm not totally sure if they have free wi-fi or not, but I think they do. Go there. Keep locally owned coffee shops in business!

Also, New Moon cafe (downtown on Broad Street) is great not only for coffee, but lunch too. They have some of the best tomato soup I have ever tasted and good sandwiches.

Okay. I will get off my soap box now.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I Heart My Church

Tonight I got a gift from my church here in Augusta to help me when I join my church up in Chapel Hill shortly. It was a nice big check to help this soon-to-be bum make it until she gets another paycheck. Words cannot express how much this helps me right now. I heart my church.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining

So maybe I still have no job.

And maybe I am still headed towards broke.

But I got offered a trip to the Bahamas to go diving! And I am going!! It is already paid for, I just have to pay the guy back at some point (he knows I am about to be jobless and it may be some time before I can pay for it all).

So here is the story of my how this all came about:
Last Saturday I went out with Alice for her birthday. We did dinner at Teresa's and then to the Firehouse for drinks. While we were at the Firehouse, two guys come up and introduce themselves. One of the guys recognizes me because we went to freaking middle school together. He vaguely seemed familiar, but placing a grown man as a 12 year old boy can be quite difficult. So we talked for a while and, as it turns out, he was one of the wretched children who teased me mercilessly back in the day (this is a somewhat unrelated point, but I found it humorous). He even remembered my big, goofy, pink glasses and the fact that my real name was Dorothy. Crazy. So anyhow, he was wearing a cap that said something about diving on it. So I asked him about it and we discovered that we were both divers. This led to the fact that he had paid for him and a friend to go on this diving trip with Neptune Dive and Ski to the Bahamas, but unfotunately, the friend backed out. He offered the trip to me FOR FREE! I told him I needed to ponder on it for a day or two and get more info. I pondered. We talked over the phone about the trip some more today. I decided I really, really, really wanted to go. I also decided I should not accept a free trip from a guy I haven't seen in over ten years. However, I decided that I was ok with accepting a trip that I would pay back. So on October 18-22 I will be diving in the Bahamas! Life is beautiful. Even if I am about to be a jobless bum.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Freaking Out

Still no job. The chiropractors office is still interviewing other candidates. No other call backs on jobs.

My job here ends in a week and a half.

I bounced three checks last month.

My brakes need some work

I am freaking out.

I slept an average of three hours each night last week.

I have worked a bunch of extra hours for no apparent reason. (I get salary, not hourly. That means no extra pay.) I just need to keep my mind occupied with things that don't freak me out I guess.

So if you are hanging out with me and I randomly burst into tears, it is more than likely the stress and lack of sleep.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Jobs

News on my current/soon-to-be-old job:

My sister Mary will be my successor! She starts tomorrow! I get to train her and work with her for the next two weeks! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!
News on my future job possibilities:

The interview went very well. I was in their office for nine stinkin' hours! It was basically an interview/training day. That is a good sign. They must be serious about me if the asked me to travel 10 hours, miss a day of work, and take the time to train me for a day. I am waiting on pins and needles to hear from them.

Also, I have gotten no call backs from other job prospects since last week.

Saturday, September 15, 2007


I have an interview on Monday!!!!! It is for an admin position in a chiropractor's office. Wish me luck!

80s Night

Last night Sara and I dressed in our finest 80s attire and hit the Soul Bar with Mike, Dianna, Mike's sister, and her hubby. We danced till the place closed then went to IHOP. It had been far too long since I stayed out till 5:00 am with three of my favorite girls (by the end of the night it was Sara, Dianna, Mary, and me at IHOP). I love my life.
I have gotten calls on two different job possibilities this week! No interviews scheduled yet, but there is the possibility that I will have an interview on Monday or Tuesday of this coming week!

Friday, September 14, 2007

My New Vow

WARNING: The following is an over-reaction.

I was at the Metro last night having a drink and talking with my friend Jeremy (who is not married either). We had possibly the most depressing conversation ever about marriage. Following this conversation I have newly vowed that I will never get married. Why, you ask?

1. I will gradually turn into a miserable monster whose main goal is to ruin my husband's life. And I really don't want to be a monster of any sort.

2. We will eventually get to the place where we never have sex. Marriage without sex? What's the point?

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I Think. . .

it is high time I got a tattoo. I want a jellyfish tattoo, but where should I get it? Any suggestions?

Monday, September 10, 2007

No News is Good News?

Or at least that's what they say.

But in my case, no news is not good news. No news means I still don't have job lined up in Chapel Hill.

I could write more about life in general at this point in the blog, but my brain is so consumed with Chapel Hill and moving and finding a job that I find it hard to write about anything else.

However, I will mention that Sara is coming to visit me this weekend! So that is sure to inspire some writing, even if nothing else seems inspirational in the meantime.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

It's Official

I put my notice in at work today. There's no turning back now!!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Weekend Trip

Yay! I'm going to Chapel Hill tomorrow to visit Roger and Angela and the Greenleaf crew!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The One Where Dottie is Scared, But Ready to Go

Last week I was feeling a little discouraged about the whole job and moving situation. I had another call back about a job, but when I told them I was not in Chapel Hill already they told me to give them a call when I was there. So I was talking to God that night before I went to bed. I was telling Him I was discouraged and I really needed some encouragement and I asked Him to please speak to me in my dreams. I prayed this, not knowing whether He would or would not, but figuring that it couldn't hurt to ask, right? Well the dream I had that night went like this:

I am in my car, pulling out of a driveway onto a main road. So I reverse out of the driveway and onto the street, so far, so good. Then I put the car in drive to move foward. However the car just keeps going in reverse. I try to stop and the car just keeps going in reverse. I'm freaking out and cars are coming towards me and I can't stop and I can't go forward and then I wake up.

Someone who is better at communicating with God than I am, please tell Him, for future reference, that was the opposite of encouraging.
But despite my decidedly opposite of encouraging dream, I am committed to Chapel Hill. I am ready to be there. I have been ready to be there for months now. I am to the point where I think I will be putting my notice in at work soon and just go, job or no job.
The hard part will be putting my official notice in at work. I love my job. I love the people I work with. I love the person I work for. It is going to be very hard to officially tell them I'm leaving.
On a completely unrelated note, I loved those Jesus videos. Not that I like to make fun of Jesus. To me they are poking fun at stereotypes of Jesus and Christianity. So I hope everyone isn't out there seeing these on my blog and think that I am a complete blasphemer. But if that's what you think, oh well. I can't please everyone all the time I guess.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Various And Sundry

My boss came into work today and said, "It smells like updog in here."

For any of you Office fans, you will know why that is hilarious and yet again proves that I have the coolest boss ever.
My computer at work has suddenly come down with some sort of virus, I think. I will be on my computer working on a Word document, not even on the internet at all, and pop up windows keep popping up on my screen.
Apparently, while I was at lunch today a not nice pop up window appeared on my screen. And let me add that I do not have my own office, I do not have my own private corner, and my computer screen is not facing the wall. Everybody and their brother walks by my desk and would see this screen. So that's just great. I'll be getting a reputation as the office pervert.

Monday, August 20, 2007

A Break From Productivity

Well, I have been really productive tonight and I need a break. I consolidated my student loans, made payments on my student loans, renewed my car insurance, balanced my check book, tweaked my resume to apply for a position as a long-term substitute teacher, searched through classified ads, and I am about to write some cover letters and email my resume to a few more places tonight. But right now I need a break, so I'm thinking some Top 3 Lists are in order.

Top 3 Things That Happened This Year That Were Completely Unexpected
(In no particular order.)
1. LaGrange College sent me a letter stating that I had paid them too much money and they gave me a check for a little over two hundred dollars! Woo Hoo! I really never thought that would happen.
2. My boss has given me a total of about a week and a half of paid vacation and paid for my plane ticket to California and given me a $250 bonus! I mean that's just crazy nice.
3. I was employed as a lunch lady. That's an example of bad unexpected.

Top 3 Ways to Get Your Friends Who Never Return Your Calls/Emails to Return Your Calls/Emails
(In no particular order.)
1. Announce on facebook that you are in an "open relationship".
2. Send a text message instead of leaving a voicemail. I don't know why this works, but I have at least two friends who will almost never answer or return calls, but they always respond to texts. It's a mystery. (In defense of one of said friends, his phone sucks.) Then again, I have one friend that doesn't even respond to texts, and in that case. . .
3. Wait for them to have a birthday, wedding, or baby. They'll call you when they want presents or to be taken out for a free meal or a free drink. (This is sad, but true.)

Ok, enough tomfoolery. It's back to the grindstone for me. Have a good evening!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

A Good Weekend After a Not So Good Week

I'm pretty sure that the job I thought was in the bag is a no go. I bummed pretty hard on Wednesday and Thursday. I know there are other jobs out there and better jobs and full-time jobs and something will happen sooner or later somehow. But after 70ish resumes out, this was my first call back, my first actual possibility. I got really excited. I began seriously looking at apartments online. I started planning it all out and, you know, it just became really real to me for a couple of days. And then it turns out that the lady didn't call a single one of my references and she didn't return my call on Thursday and for a moment or two I just felt like all my dreams and plans had just been taken away. It's silly, I know, but it that's just how it felt for a little while. But I'm bouncing back now.
Yesterday, I had dinner with some dear friends of mine Pete and Jen. We hadn't really connected for quite sometime and it was just so good to catch up. Then I went out with a fairly new friend of mine Jeremy. We went to the Fox's Lair to hear some music (which was so-so) and then we went to the Firehouse and just talked. One thing I just love about Jeremy is that he really enjoys talking and talking about real stuff too, not just small talk.
Today, I got a rental car and came to Atlanta to visit with my darling Sara. When I come to visit Sara, the first two hours are just spent venting frustrations, confessing sin, sharing worries and excitement, and just generally talking until we go hoarse (or at least I do). So now that we have gotten all the verbal diarrhea out of our systems, we are at a coffee shop. She is studying for her classes and I am playing on the internet. It's a good weekend and I needed that. So, yay.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A Whole New World (Don't You Dare Close Your Eyes)

I went to the eye doctor today. Best thing I did all week, at least. I haven't had my eyes checked in several years, so it was more than high time. Now the images around me literally seem to be jumping out at me. It is great and slightly scary. Truly it seems like a whole new world out there.

You know your eyes are bad when the blob who is supposedly your doctor comes in, thumbs through your chart, then exclaims, "Wow! You can't see anything!" Yes, Dr. Blob, you are correct. I cannot see a thing.
Still no news on the job. Argh!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Another Reason I Have the Best Boss Ever

Let me preface this by saying that before I was hired at this job, I told my boss that I had plans to move to North Carolina. . . I just didn't know when it was going to happen. After I was hired, he and I discussed it a few times and he gave me some contacts for possible jobs and such, but beyond that I haven't much seen the point of bringing it up since I still had no definite departure date. So he has either (a) forgotten or (b) thinks I decided not to go. So with that said here was our conversation at work today. . .

Boss: There is this guy that I really want you to meet, but I'm not sure if he's good enough for you.

Me: Why would you say that?

Boss: Because you're Dottie and you're like part of my family.

So leaving this job is really gonna suck. Not that I'm having second thoughts or anything, but it still suck-suck-sucks!
Somewhat related to that, still no definite word on the job in NC. I am waiting with great anticipation for the final word.
Somewhat unrelated, my best friend Sara is now in Atlanta getting ready to begin law school at GA State University. I'm going to visit her this weekend!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Job Nearly In the Bag!

Okay, so I almost have a job in Chapel Hill. I talked over the phone some with this lady and everything was very positive, but she said she was going to call some of my references tomorrow and get back to me. !!!!!!! (This basically means it's in the bag (I think)).

This job is not the ideal set up for me, but it's a start. It is a job as a receptionist at a doctor's office. I was referred to this office by a lady whose daughter worked there over the summer. She said it was a great work environment and everyone was really nice etc. The not-so-perfect part is that it is only part-time. But I decided to go for it anyhow and just get another part-time job once I get up there. I am just ready to GO, and if I wait for all the stars to align and a red carpet to be rolled out all the way to North Carolina then it is just never gonna happen. So anyway, if all goes as it is playing out in my head, I should be moving up there somewhere between two weeks and a month from now!!!!! FINA-FREAKIN-LLY!!!!!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Limited Internet Time

I took a last-minute house sitting job for an indefinite amount of time. I'm happy to do it and the house is actually much closer to my job than my parent's house, so it really isn't inconveniencing me at all except. . . NO INTERNET!!!!!! Yikes. So I came in early to work just so I could have some time to respond to emails, check blogs, etc. I am so addicted to the internet.

Anyhow, I had a job lead this week. I'm praying this is my ticket to Chapel Hill, but I'm trying to not get too excited about it.

And I had an epiphany about my life this week. I struggle alot with my emotions. Frequently I make mention of this in my blogs, but you're not even getting the half of it. Because truth be told, I'd rather not have all of you aware of just how nutty I can be. So anyhow, the epiphany is this. . . I don't have to beat my emotions and feelings. I don't have to conquer them or make them suddenly just not exist anymore. All I have to do is just not let them beat me. It's like land war in Asia (name that movie reference). The home army doesn't have to decimate the foriegners. All they have to do is hold their ground until the climate and time do all the dirty work for them. So that's me. I just have to hold out until time and circumstances take care of my emotions for me. So there it is. Wish me well in the whole "holding out" thing.

p.s. please don't think I am too crazy. I am convinced other people are alot like me, they're just not saying it out loud.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

The Worship Conference

I'm back from my wonderful two and a half days at a worhip conference in Marietta. The conference was great. There were some really great workshops, excellent music and worship times, good speakers, good people and an all around fun time. I did learn some new things, but this conference also opened my eyes to alot of aspects about being a worship leader that I haven't even thought about. Honestly, it was pretty intimidating and I'm scared that I'm not going to be a good worship leader, but here I go anyhow. I guess I'll just try to give it my best and expect, that even with my best efforts, I will fall flat on my face on more than one occasion. I will also do my best to remember that God's grace is sufficient despite all my defficiencies.

Anyhow, any time you have a group of people together all day for three days straight you are bound to come back with some good quotable lines. Here are a few. . .
"I think God smells like bacon." -Jeremy Gimble
"Led Zepplin experimented with some really wacked out time signatures. That was probably because of their direct connections with satan." -Dave Milligan
"Notify your face." -Mike O'Brian
"When you smile, your whole face smiles." -Wilfred Cuthbert to Dave Milligan
. . . and basically anything Adam Heare said or any facial expression he made was guaranteed to make me laugh. I had forgotten how funny that guy is.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Harry Potter

I finished the book last Saturday night/Sunday morning at about 3:00am. It was goood. The king of good that requires three o's. And I must say that I shed more than a few tears, particularly on pages 475-481. But I don't want to ruin anything for the readers out there who have not yet gotten to read the book, so I'll stop with that.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

All the Mixed Emotions

Today I am just a big emotional time bomb. Emotions, emotions, emotions. Does anybody rememer that song "I Enjoy Being a Girl" from that old musical Flower Drum Song? Well, it is high time somebody wrote about how they don't enjoy being a girl. Here are a few alternate titles:
1. I Loathe and Despise Being a Girl
2. I Enjoy Being a Girl Approximately One Weekend Per Month
3. I Enjoy Being an Emotionally Unstable, Semi-psychotic Nut Job aka Girl
4. I'd Enjoy Being a Girl Were It Not for the Whole Having to Live With Myself Thing
5. I'd Enjoy a Break From Being a Girl

Anyhow. . .

Rodger and Angela weren't at church today. They moved yesterday. I looked around our little church building and I saw many faces. Some of these were faces I hardly knew, some I had known for sometime, and some were faces of my own family members. But despite all the many connections I have with many of the wonderful people there, I knew that this was just not my church home anymore. It was a reassuring feeling and an uncomfortable feeling. Reassuring that in my heart of hearts I knew that the decision I made to go to Chapel Hill is one that I am at peace with and excited about. Uncomfortable because I still do not have a definite departure date or a job or living arrangements or so many other "details" worked out.

Today I also found out that there is a chance my brother and his family might be moving back to Augusta in the not-too-distant future. Break my heart why don't you. He comes just as I go. Why couldn't the timing be different? Why couldn't he have come back a year ago? I miss my brother sooooooo much.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

What Happens at the Grandparents' House Stays at the Grandparents' House

But not really, because I am blogging it.

My parents babysat James last night.

This morning my mom, my dad, and I enjoyed a yummy omlette breakfast (prepared by yours truly). After breakfast we lazily drank our coffee and chatted about life in general. But when my parents' dog Abbi came into the livingroom, the conversation went something like this. . .

Mom: What's that pink stuff on Abbi's back?
Dad: James may have gotten into your Mary Kay stuff last night and put it on the dog.
Mom: Tom! Were you even watching James?!
Dad: (Quite indignant) Yes! I watched him do it.
Me: (laughed till I cried)

A Much Needed Dance Therapy Session

Who: Dottie Lee and Dianna Lindsey
What: Dancing the night away to 70s music (with a few throw ins from the 80s and 90s)
Where: The Soul Bar
When: Last night
Why: Dottie needed a break from her lame and boring life. Dianna needed a break from her stressful and chaotic life.
How: Mike watched the Lindsey kiddos and Soul Bar gave the ladies free cover.

And completely unrelated to that, I now have the latest Harry Potter in my possession and I'm going to finish it today.

Also unrelated to that, Rodger and Angela move to Chapel Hill today! Yay!

Finally, I am house sitting for a couple of days (starting tomorrow) and then going to the worship conference. So if you don't hear from me. . . that's what I'm doing.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Trouble With Having No Life

These days when I get off of work, I run an errand or two and then come home. This is usually all done by 5:30 or 6:00. Some nights I spend about an hour job hunting. Other nights I don't do anything but anxiously wait for the clock to reach my bedtime. I am having a couple of problems with this.
Problem #1: I am getting depressed about how lame my life is.
Problem #2: I go to bed way too early and then wake up at 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning ready to start my day.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Eight Reasons to Celebrate

1. My niece Elianna was dedicated at church this morning. So was Rodger's nephew Jonah.

2. Julie's birthday is tomorrow! (She's turning thirty, and I'm next in line for it. Yikes!)

3. Rodger and Angela are moving to Chapel Hill this week! Hopefully I won't be far behind them.

4. My boss gave me two days off to go to a worship leader's training conference and Greenleaf Vineyard paid my registration fees and I got hooked up with free lodging and I am carpooling with a group from church, which means I won't have to take my car because no one in their right mind would pick my car as the most reliable transportation option. Yay! Can't wait to go!

5. Pat is going to let me borrow his copy of the latest Harry Potter book as soon as his roommate Sean is done reading it.

6. Today I finished my film with all my CA pics on it. I'll get them developed sometime this week.

7. I got to see my brother and his family today. I love them.

8. I had an awesome nap with my nephew today. It was fan-freakin-tastic.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Cute, Funny Kid Story

I don't have nearly so many of these nowadays, since I'm not teaching and hanging out with six year olds seven hours a day/five days a week. But today I get to share my co-worker's cute, funny kid story.

At work my co-worker, Carol, went to the restroom, as it must be done from time to time. She came out of the stall and a little girl is stood there clapping for her. The girl's grandmother was standing there also. Bewildered, Carol looked at the grandmother as the child kept applauding her. The grandmother informed Carol that the girl's mother always claps for her when she uses the potty. So now the little girl thinks that you are supposed to clap when someone/anyone uses the potty.

Way to go Carol!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

My Newest Way to Kill Time

Sara got my hooked. I've been watching hours of the Office for the last two days and now I'm on to Scrubs. Life is good.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Quote of the Day

"I used to think I was a good Christian, and then I got married. . ."
-my sister

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Harry Potter

I went to Charleston with Alice and Bee Jay yesterday to catch Harry Potter on the 3-D Imax screen. I was disappointed. The movie was good, but not all I thought it should be. Out of the three of us, Bee Jay was the only one whose 3d glasses worked properly. I just saw a regular screen with one or two moments that maybe, kinda, sorta looked like they were in 3d. Poor Alice saw three of everything and could hardly tell what was going on.

Here are my words of wisdom regarding this movie. If you want to see this movie, but have not seen the previous HP movies or read the books, you must, must, must at the very least watch the previous movies before going to this one. This movie will not make sense to you at all otherwise. Reading the book before seeing the movie will help you get alot more of the movie. Movies always leave out stuff from the book. This move left out tons of stuff and made references to stuff that happened in the book, but didn't go into full explanation of that reference. So you get alot more if you have read the book(s).

Friday, July 13, 2007

Top 3 Reasons I Have Bragging Rights

Yesterday, was a day of accomplishment for me. . .

3. That overwhelming pile of work on my desk (built up to a monstrous level while I was away for a week) is finally back down to a very reasonable, doable size pile. Yay!

2. I finally got up the nerve to have a conversation that I knew I needed to have. You know the kind. The conversation that you are dreading, and 5 times a day you play out how it will go and what you will say. Well, I did it. It went reasonably well, as those types of conversations go. Double Yay!!

and now, the moment you've all been waiting for. . .
. . . the number 1 reason why I am so awesome. . .

Yesterday, I paid the FINAL payment on one of my student loans!!!!!! Quadruple YAY!!!!

Monday, July 09, 2007

The First Day Back

Technically I've been back for two days, but today was the first day back to work. Even when you have the world's greatest boss, the first day back to work after a week's vacation is never too much fun. A week's worth of work piled up on your desk just waiting for you to sort through and decide what is most urgent and what is not so urgent. Then try and tackle it all while current work steadily flows into your inbox. Plus you are jet lagged and you have no clue when you will see your next vacation day, so you don't feel like you have much to look forward to. Sure, it's not all as bad as it feels. I do have weekends and evenings always off, which is a step up from many of my former jobs. I am guaranteed to have off on major holidays. I have it pretty good really, but try telling me that on my first day back to work after a week in California with my best friend.
Luckily, Dianna called me and invited me to go swimming with her and her girls this evening after work. So that cheered me up considerably, and likewise did the phone message from Sara and getting to see my nephew and niece on my lunch break.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Leaving Your Best Friend Sucks

Today I leave my best friend, and I am bumming about that. But let's not dwell on unpleasantries for too long.

The rest of my stay here in the great state of California has been wonderful.

Wednesday was the fourth of July and I went with Sara and Rosemary to Monterey's festivities. This included alot of sun, alot of fried foods, alot of good music, alot of dancing, and alot of walking. Later that night Sara and I watched the fireworks on the beach. It was loverly.

Thursday we did Santa Cruz. Santa Cruz is kinda of like beach town meets college town. I liked it. I quite easily see myself living there. Anyhow, Sara and I walked the boardwalk and around town for several hours. We did a little shopping. Later that night we danced the night away to 80s music at the Blue Lagoon. Sara found a little Irish boyfriend at the bar and I found a homeless man at Taco Bell at 2 in the morning, proof that I have not lost my touch.

Friday was a good day too. We went to the aquarium. I decided that if I was ever homeless I would save up enough money to purchase a membership at the aquarium and spend all day, everyday there. I loved, loved, loved it. I also got a little of the history in Cannery Row. We had dinner at a yummy Indian restaurant. Friday night we went and saw a terrible band. It was scary, but I'm trying to block it from my mind so let's not talk about that anymore. After that we moved our little party to a British pub. We had a jolly good time. It reminded me of the days of the Silly Willy Girls Club, and I wished that Esther and Angella and Kim were there so we could have a little Silly Reunion.

So that brings us to today. My last day. Sigh. Well the plan is to go to Carmel this morning and then head to San Fransico. My flight goes out this evening. I get to Atlanta at 5 in the morning, which will not be fun. My lovely parents are picking me up and then it is back to Augusta. Sigh.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Top 10 List

Sara and I did some brainstorming the other night and came up with a scategories sheet full of terrible ways to propose to someone. In no particular order, here are a few for your enjoyment.

1. Begin the proposal with "My therapist says. . ."

2. Tell your parents that you are already engaged, then invite the uninformed guy over for lunch with you and your parents.

3. Stand up at church and announce that you are pregnant with ______'s baby (even though you aren't), but you want to make the situation right so you are asking him to marry you.

4. "All my life I've been abused by men. You are the first guy I feel safe around. Will you marry me?"

5. Inform the guy that you are actually an illegal alien and you are trying to get your green card. Go on to say that since you figured that no one else would ever want to marry him, he should be a good friend and marry you.

6. Tell the guy that you were torn between him and another guy. The other guy was superior to him in almost every way. But since he has a higher earning potential than the other guy, you want to marry him.

7. Tell him that his freinds begged you to propose to him.

8. Begin proposal with "This is probably the drugs talking, but. . . "

9. Tell him you were very conflicted about getting married to him. But then you said to yourself "why not? There's always divorce."

10. Tell him it was a word from God.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Napa Valley

I think California might be the promised land. It is stunningly beautiful.

I went to Napa Valley yesterday with Sara. We did a tour of a winery, which ended in tasting four different delicious wines. I ended up buying two and a half bottles of rather expensive wine (Sara and I split the cost for one). When buying wine my price range is normally in the under $10 category, but I figure it isn't everyday this Georgia girl is in wine country so I splurged a little.

On Sunday, we did church and a little hike and a movie. We went to see this movie called Once. I loved it. It is not really a super climactic movie with tons of highs and lows. It is more like Breakfast at Tiffanys. It is more of just a glimpse into someone else's life. If you are a music person, this is a must see. If you are an independent film person, this is a must see. I came back from the movie thinking about all the things that I just don't say to people and all the things I let slip by, and on having the wisdom to know when it really is best to let things go unsaid or undone and when it is best to speak up or stand up and at least try to make things happen.

Anyhow, today we are supposed to do another hike and some kayaking. Then tonight we are going to see The Princess Bride at a drive-in movie!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

I'm Here!

So I'm here in Monterey, and I am happy. I'm happy to be in this beautiful city. I am happy to be with my best friend. I am happy about having paid vacation. I am happy to not be on a plane or in a car anymore.

I had a sixteen hour trip yesterday. All my flights went smoothly. All my luggage arrived with me. So really, what more could you ask for. I flew with midwest airlines and they offer freshly baked chocolate chip cookies on all their flights (yummy!). I had three flights, which meant my dietary intake for the day was six cookies, three coffees, and one diet pepsi. You might think that isn't enough, but when all you do is sit on a plane or in a car all day long you don't really feel like eating. Anyhow, Sara picked me up in San Fransisco and we headed for Monterey. The drive was beautiful, but I was motion sick. So every fifteen minutes we had to pull off to the side of the road so I could, quite literally, toss my cookies. By the time we got there I wanted to kiss the ground.

So here I am, not sick anymore, and enjoying the view from the Kauffman's apartment. I love being with the Kauffman's. Whenever I am with them, no matter where we are at, I always feel like I am at home.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Quote of the Day

"I find in myself a desire which no experience in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that I was made for another world."
-C.S. Lewis

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Ode to My Boss: Part II

I came into work this morning to find an envelope on my desk. Inside the envelope was a check for $250 and a note from my boss which read "Have a great time in California!"

I don't think anything more needs to be said.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A Couple of Great Gifts

Not that birthdays are all about people giving you stuff or anything, but I did get a couple of really great gifts this year.

Julie did a portrait of me and her from a picture taken two or three Christmases (sp?) ago. It is beautiful. And if you knew all our family history over the last two or three years, you would have an idea of how extra special this gift was. I cried. Not just a slightly misty-eyed, one tear trickles down. Oh no, like sobs burst out uncontrollably.

My good friend Alice also gave me a more comical, but also awesome birthday present. She made me a t-shirt. This is a t-shirt that I once mentioned to her I would love to have made. When she gave it to me I jumped up and down and screamed (in a good way). I'm not going to tell you what it says, but many of you will have to opportunity to see it. I plan on wearing it almost everywhere I go, except work and probably not to church either (some people just wouldn't appreciate my sense of humor).

Also, thank you to the friends who went out of their way to wish me a happy birthday. Thank you for all the goofy voicemails, blog comments, and emails. I really was bumming with the whole "another year gone by and what have you accomplished?" feeling. And that feeling is still there a little bit, but just being around people that were happy and happy to see me did lift me out of my brooding, self-pity mode for the most part. So thanks a million.

Monday, June 25, 2007

A Cry For Help

Tomorrow I turn 27, and I do not feel good about it at all.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Weekend

House sitting was great. Dogs were great. House to myself was great.

On Saturday I helped a friend move. We started at about 9:30/10:00 am and worked till about 3:30/3:45pm. By the end of it all I found myself in a semi-manic state where I had to be moving, doing, accomplishing. So I mowed the lawn. Then I took a much needed shower. Then I got online and applied for jobs and sent out resumes. Then I took a 15 minute nap. Then I went to a BBQ at Dianna's house. Then I went back to my weekend home and watched deleted scenes for the second season of The Office. Then I fell asleep. It was a good day.

Today. Church of course. I did some walking. I took a nap with my nephew. Then Mary, James, and I all went swimming. James has a new word. . . "kini," which means bikini. Good luck Julie and Jim.

I had a job offer this weekend. Office manager at a law office. The girl that currently has the job makes $30,000/year. Too bad it was for a law office in Augusta, not Chapel Hill. Sigh. Something is going to come up. So in the spirit of getting a job offer in Chapel Hill, I am going to stop blogging now and start applying/sending out resumes. Wish me luck.

Friday, June 22, 2007

House Sitters 'R Us

I'm house sitting for a couple from church this weekend. It's nice to have a house to myself. Well, almost to myself, there are four dogs here too. But dogs are great. You can sit there and talk to them about all your worries and cares and concerns. They listen ever so patiently and look at you with those wonderfully understanding eyes and they cuddle with you and they don't try and tell you what to do and they never blab how horrible you are to other people.

Anyhow, my boss asked me to house sit for him in July. I felt pretty much great about that. That means that he thinks I am trustworthy enough to take care of his very old dog and his house. Yay! That makes me happy.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Travel Books

I go to Borders quite a bit these days. Sometimes I meet up with friends there. Sometimes I go for some semi-alone time and some people watching (and a little eavesdropping too). But typically, I sit in the cafe and read travel books. I read about places I only dream about going to (South Africa mostly). I read about places I am planning on going to (California!). I read about places I have already been to (Egypt and Ireland mostly). I read funny short travel stories. I found a little snip it that made me laugh because it was so true.
"It is important to understand that in the 3rd world most driving is done with the horn, or 'Egyptian brake pedal,' as it is known. There is a precise and complicated etiquette of horn use. Honk your horn only under the following circumstances:
1. When anything blocks the road.
2. When anything doesn't.
3. When anything might.
4. At red lights.
5. At green lights.
6. At all other times."
-P.J. O'Rourke, Holidays in Hell

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

We all deal with our own internal struggles from time to time. One of mine is (believe it or not) being overly determined.

It is fairly rare for me to be determined about anything. I think I'm pretty much laid back about nearly everything. I'm generally fine with whatever happens or doesn't happen. I'm typically happy to find out what my family, friends, and co-workers want/need/envision and try to help them make it happen, knowing that whatever the outcome, whatever the circumstances I will be happiest seeing them happy.

I also generally operate under the motto that there isn't much in life that is actually worth getting stressed out over. This philosophy is a blessing and a curse to me, but that's for another blog entirely.

The issue I'm talking about today is what arises when I do get determined about anything.

Issue #1: What I get determined about.
Not always, but often, I get determined about the wrong things. Examples: the major I picked in college, winning at a certain auction (I did win, but it is possibly one of my most shameful moments in my life's history), and various other ideas that I let fester in my head for literally years before I either get what I am after or just give up and move on.

Then again, sometimes I do get determined about things that work out and when they work out it is possibly the number one best feeling of all times. Examples: finishing college, saving up enough money to do any and all of the roadtrips and planetrips I have taken, learning guitar, learning how to scuba dive, and there are probably many more examples.

Issue #2: Knowing when to keep going and when to quit.
Song lyrics run through my head as I mull over this one. . . "Darlin' you've got to let me know, should I stay or should I go". . . "You've gotta know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em, know when to walk away, know when to run. . ."

If left to my own devices, I will quite literally hang on to an idea for years and years. Sometimes, this is quite admirable. You know, the stuff heros are made of and whatnot. Other times, it is just pathetic and unhealthy at best.

There is something to be said for "never give up" and perservering through all odds. There is a certain amount of respect that must be held for determination that keeps on even when it seems the whole world is mocking you, when circumstances and even logic seem to say "it's never gonna happen".

Then again, alot can be said for knowing when to gracefully accept defeat and move on to more productive, attainable, worthwhile causes.

I guess my deal is that I am afraid to let go of things sometimes. I'm afraid to let go because what if I had just held on a little longer? Would it have all fallen into place if I just held out one more day, one more week, one more month, etc.? I'm afraid of looking back on my life and saying "what could have happened if hadn't let my fears stop me or if I hadn't listened to that doubting voice in my head?" But it's a bit of a paradox, because it seems that fear is partially what prevents me from pursuing things and makes me let go of things and keeps me from letting go of things. Fear of failure. Fear that I am wasting valueable time. Fear of the what-ifs. Fear that something better isn't going to come along. Fear of missing out.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Bill Collectors

The bill collectors have super powers too. They can sense when I just got paid and actually start thinking "Hey Dottie, you actually have a decent amount of money in your account! Maybe with you next paycheck you could start putting some in savings!" That's when it happens. All the bills come that very same day, just to tell me "no, no, you are not that good and you will never be able to save one red cent!"


Sunday, June 10, 2007

Trip to the ATL

The Awesomeness:
The very best part: seeing Esther.

The very second best part: the guy at IHOP wearing the shirt which read "I'm not a gynecologist, but I'll take a look."

The third best part: Esther being hit on by the Ethiopian gas station cashier.

The fourth best part: discussing with Esther who we would make wear the aforementioned t-shirt if we had the power. (It was hands down decided that Esther's brother Edward would be our top pick.)

The fifth best part: just being in the airport and getting some good people watching in.

The sixth best part: strawberry cheesecake icecream at Brewsters.

The seventh best part: my car didn't fall apart on me.

The Unawesomeness:
The first worst part: writing letters to friends in Cairo for Esther to pass along, then wishing that I was going to see them and not just writing them a letter. Then thinking about Egypt and my friends there so much that I felt as if I was leaving Cairo all over again. I felt my heart break like when I left Egypt, and I teared up in the airport Atlanta Bread Company.

The second worst part: saying bye to Esther (although this isn't too bad because she will be in D.C. come fall and I will be in Chapel Hill, so it will be like 4 or 5 hours between us. . . this is totally a travelable distance).

The third worst part: wanting with all my heart to jump on a plane and have an adventure in a new place, but instead I had to get in my car and drive back to Augusta.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

A Lazy Saturday Morning

This Saturday is the first Saturday in awhile that has been just. . . lazy. Saturdays in my recent past have been filled with helping friends move, babysitting, music practices, day trips to vist extended family, etc. But today is different and different is good, very good.

Today I woke up about 6:45 am (as I always do). But instead of getting out of bed immediately, showering and taking on the day, I laid in bed for a solid hour. I thought and prayed and thought some more. I needed that. Truth be told, it wouldn't do me any harm to go back and lie in my bed for another hour or two just thinking and praying.

Lately life has been feeling a little out of sync for me. It's that whole transitional thing. I'm about to move, but I haven't moved yet. My friendships have been borderline strained, as people deal with freinds moving away in very different ways. Some get mad at you for dumb stuff so that it won't be so hard to say good-bye. Some just stop calling you altogether. Although, there are some friends who realized that North Carolina is not the ends of the earth and that this move does not mean a death sentence for our friendship. For those friends, I am very grateful.

Aside from relationships here, the transition phase of this move is starting to get a little. . . what's a good word for it. . . unnerving? Still no job in North Carolina. Still no place to live in North Carolina. And it's not just me either. Rodger and Angela and the Lindseys too. Not a one of us has got these major pieces of the puzzle sorted out. And it's looking like the move may be pushed a little further back, yet again. It's looking like it might be August before we get up there, which is fine. I do have a good job here. I can continue to save money. I worry more for Rodger and Angela than anyone else, as they have already sold their house and given up their teaching positions here in Augusta. Something needs to come through for them over the next month or so.

Anyhow, these were the issues weighing on my mind this morning as I laid lazily in my bed.
Getting back to my lazy Saturday. . . I leisurely got out of bed and threw on a random-ass outfit (I have to say that I am looking down at myself and thinking "what are you wearing?"). Then I grabbed my mom's laptop and headed over to R. Gabriel's to enjoy a cup of joe, a cinnamon scone (mmmmmm), and free wireless connection. And here I have been for about two hours. I have blogged (twice!). I have responded to emails that I have meant to respond to for over a month now. And I am starting to feel more on top of things.

Next on the agenda. . . laundry.

A little later this evening. . . drive to the ATL and stay in a ghetto motel with Esther!

The Anti-Midas Touch

Super Powers. . . I personally believe we all have some sort of super power.

I have at least two.

1. The ability to make people want to give me free stuff without asking for it.

2. The Anti-Midas Touch.

What is the anti-Midas touch you ask? Everything I touch turns to crap.

I inherited this power from my father (possibly the only trait I inherited from my dad).

Do you want proof of my powers? Let's just take a look at my car. I got this car by means of my first super power. Unaware of the force they were up against, Alice and Bee Jay relinquished their old vehicle to me. And when I say this vehicle is old, I mean it is a '92 with 351,000+ miles on it. Despite it's age and the miles it has driven, when they gave me the car everything was working perfectly, aside from an occasional problem getting it started. I have had this car for less than two weeks. In that time I have broken the battery cables, the radio/tape deck, the air conditioning, and dealt with the "occasional" starting problem on three different occasions. I am waiting for the windows and sunroof to be the next things to go. Then the car will be completely undriveable in the Georgia heat.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Church Plant Team Pictures

Angela, Rodger, Dianna, Mike and Me

Molly, Me, and Emma playing in the Riverwalk fountain!

Molly, soaking wet and cute as a button

For more pictures go here.

Not Much Internet Time

This last week or so has been a little busy and I haven't had my usual internet time. I'm missing it a little, but it might be another week or so before I can post a real blog. I am house sitting this week and I will go out of town this weekend. Esther will be in Atlanta this weekend!! So I will leave Saturday and come back on Sunday.
Speaking of the Kauffman girls, they are both to be congratulated! Esther leaves Atlanta this Sunday to head back over to Cairo, where she will be doing a summer internship at Maadi Community Church. In the fall, Esther will be in D.C. starting grad school!
Sara recently found her next step in life! She will begin law school at Georgia State in Atlanta this fall!!! I know this is such a great thing for her, as she has been school hunting and job hunting for over a year now.
I feel like a proud parent, although I can take no credit for how Esther and Sara have turned out. I still take great pleasure in bragging about them whenever I get the chance!
Well, I'm off to work. But the next blog should include. . .
1. Snipits from my Atlanta trip this weekend.
2. The joys and sorrows of my not-so-new car.
3. Highlights from Rodger and Angela's ordination service.
4. Pics of the church planting team.
5. And anything else I can drum up.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Heaven is a Sunroof

I finally got my new car! (I use the word "new" in the sense that it is new to me.) I'm trying to think of a name for my little '92 Honda Accord.

This is the first time I have owned a car with automatic anything. Silly thing to be excited about, but the auto windows and locks are a novelty to me. This is the first time I have had a car with cruise control. Most importantly, this is my first time driving a car with a sunroof!!! I love, love, love it!!!!!! Well, enough gushing for now. Gotta get ready for work.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

My New "Friends" Friend

I'm not a big TV watcher, but there are a few shows that I do love. Namely "Friends", "Scrubs", and "The Office".

I've always kind of liked "Friends", but I really became a big fan while I was living in Cairo. One of my good friends there (Dorothee) owned all ten seasons on DVD. We would get together every so often for a "Friends" marathon. Then I moved home to Augusta and Pat became my "Friends" friend. He too owns all ten seasons on DVD. Recently (and much to my dismay), Pat has been quite busy. . . too busy for "Friends" marathons. But being the friend that he is, he lends me his DVDs and I can still get my "Friends" fix. Now I have a new "Friends" friend. My dad. I think I've got him hooked. It's great when you find a new way to bond with your dad.

Are you going to San Fransisco?

Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair. . .

I bought my ticket to San Fran today. I'll be in CA from June 30th to July 7th. Woo Hoo!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Miracles Do Happen

I slept till 10:30 this morning. I would like to commemorate this moment because it only happens once, maybe twice, a year.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Ode to My Boss

I have the greatest freakin' boss in the whole world.

He took me to lunch today after we ran an errand at the Columbia County Courthouse. Here is are some excerpts from our conversation:
Dan: How long have you been working here now?

Me: Well, Valentine's Day was my first day. So I guess I'm right at three months now.

Dan: I think it's time for a raise. We should sit down this week and talk about that.

Me: (look of disbelief) uh, ok. That'd be great.

a little later in the conversation. . .

Dan: So do you have any fun plans for the summer?

Me: Well, I think I'm gonna try to get out to California to visit my best friend.

Dan: Really? Tell me about your best friend.

Me: (insert praises of Sara and story of moving to Egypt)

Dan: Well, you can't move to California.

Me: That is definitely not happening (and at this point, I'm thinking he has forgotten that I am moving to NC and this makes me uncomfortable).

Dan: So when are you thinking of going?

Me: Oh, I don't know exactly. I'm flexible. It just really depends on getting a good price.

Dan: I might have some frequent flyer miles through the firm. Let me pay for your ticket.

Me: (Pick up jaw off the table).

Dan: How long are you going for?

Me: Well, I was thinking of taking maybe a Thursday, Friday, and a Monday off and having about 3 days there and 2 days for travel.

Dan: No. You have to have at least a week there. Take a full week off.

Me: (pinch myself to make sure that I am really awake and this isn't a dream).

I love my boss. I think I will get a tattoo saying as much.

I will miss this job when I go to North Carolina.

Monday, May 14, 2007

A General Update

I am finally done with all the house sitting/pet sitting. At one point I was simultaneously responsible for 3 different households, 9 dogs and three cats. In case you were wondering, this is too much for one person to do for it not being your paid occupation. I don't reccomend attempting it.

Anyhow, here is my life in general right now. Julie and Elianna are doing great. James is great with his new baby sister. He loves to give her hugs and kisses. FYI, Jim is also doing well (fathers so get left out of this whole new baby scene).

I'm really starting to job hunt in Chapel Hill via online applications and emailing, faxing and snail mailing applications. No word yet, but I have a good feeling that something will come through.

I have pushed back my move to Chapel Hill about two weeks. I was originally planning to go mid-June or end of June. Now it looks like beginning of July is more likely. I decided on this due to the tutoring program I do. The program takes each child through 36 sessions. I'd like to finish out the entire program with the students I have. It looks like my last student will finish in early July, and after that. . . I'm outtie.

Well, hi-ho hi-ho, it's off to work I go.

P.S. I had a weird dream last night that my boss, one of my co-workers and I all shared an enormous house. All we did was work all the time. It was weird.