Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Sitting at the metro, sipping coffee, typing on my laptop and talking on my cell phone. I am a yuppy. But it's cool. I'm avoiding my house in the ghetto and all the little gangsta trick-or-treaters. So I thought I'd borrow my mom's laptop and go to one of my happy places (that is any place that has coffee and free wireless connection).
I've been missing Egypt quite a bit lately. Today at my parent's house I swear I heard the call to prayer. Nearly everyday I close my eyes at least once and I'm in Dahab again. I see it like I am there still. I'm in a hammock on the beach just taking it all in. The Red Sea. The Sinia Mountians. Saudi Arabia. I have to go back. Maybe it's not gonna be soon. Well, honestly it isn't gonna be soon. But I will go back. Perhaps it will just be a visit. Perhaps it will be more than a visit. But I have to go back. . . that is all I know. The only fear is that it will never be the same for me. Of course it wont't be the same when I go back. Of all the old friends I had there, very few of them will still be there by the time I make it back. But will I be able to handle the changes? Will I love Egypt reguardless? Don't know. Only time can tell I suppose.


Tommy Feeding Some Random Kid

Ummmm. . . My Sister's Boyfriend?


Halloween was fun. I went to a party with my little sis and her boyfriend. I was Rapunzel. Mary dressed up as our brother Tommy. Jonny made a stunning girl. After the party Jonny and I went to the Blue Collar Blue Heart show at the Soul Bar and Mary went to bed (it sucks to not be 21 yet). Pictures will hopefully come soon.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Coffee and Internet!!! Is it my birthday or something?

Today is the first day I have had all to myself in about two and a half weeks. No work. No commitments or obligations. Just me getting to decide moment by moment what it is that I feel like doing. Oh sure, I could be working on my house (Lord knows I could be working on that everyday for the next year). I did also remember that my church was doing an outreach this morning, but I just remembered that about five minutes ago and I think they have already started like an hour and a half ago. So I am here at R. Gabriels enjoying a coffee, a cinnamon scone and internet access thanks to my mom's lap top and R. Gabriels wireless connection.
I don't have much to blog about, since it seems that I do nothing but work these days. Maybe I should give you all an update on my new job, but I don't feel like talking about work right now. But one thing I do feel like talking about is autumn. I love this time of year in Georgia. The weather is flawless. The days are a perfect combination of sunshine and breezes. The evenings are cool, but not too cold to keep you from taking a nice walk around downtown or on the riverwalk (just remember your jacket!). Occasionally, there is the rainy day (like yesterday), but even that is poetic for me. I just get inspired to curl up on my sofa with a warm blanket, a hot chocolate and my cross word puzzles. Sigh. Everday should be autumn or spring.
On a completely unrelated subject, I apologize if you have tried to reach me over the last two or three days. I am living in two houses that are about 20 minutes away from each other. My phone charger was at the house that I haven't been to since Wednesday. So the phone has been dead since Thursday afternoon. But it is charging as I type and I should be in contact with the rest of the world sometime very soon.
Well, that's about that. I am going to see if I can brainstorm up an idea for a Halloween costume. I think I am going to a party tonight. Yay! I love dressing up.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Open Mic Night

I've played at open mic at the Blue Horse Music Hall three times now and every time it just gets more and more interesting.

The first time I played there was a total of four people who performed and probably a total of 15 people in the entire place. It was pretty boring outside of the fact that I got a decent recording of two of my songs for only $10.
The second time there were at least ten acts to go up and a decent size crowd in the audience. I didn't get a recording that night, but I did make some new musician friends. The Blue Horse provided a stage for a wide variety of musicians that night. There were the typical open mic-ers, you know the solo singer/songwriters like me. There was a guy who got up there and performed some rap music he had written. There were a couple of duos. There was a 65-year-old man who got up and performed a John Mayer song and an Amy Grant song very badly. There was also a full band that came and played. It was fun and interesting. The only thing that would have made it all better would have been if I had gotten another recording, but alas, something had gone wrong in their equipment and nothing was recorded.
So last night, I went again. It was probably about seven different acts that got up to perform and the word interesting doesn't quite do justice to the night. Well, one of the acts was a husband and wife duo. The wife shared with us a story about how her husband just that day had killed a deer with a spear in the yard. That was interesting. Another act was guy who got up on stage to perform "spoken word". For all of those who aren't quite sure what "spoken word" really means, it appears to mean that you just get up on stage and rant and rave for an extended period of time. The guy was funny though and certainly interesting. Then there was the three piece band that apparently covered a Rebecca St. James song (this is according to my friend Alice, but I don't know for sure). But the kicker was the poet. This guy got up there and shared six or seven of his poems with us. The first two were fairly graphic, sensual poems. But I told myself to just consider it "art" and "expression" and let it go. Then he prefaces the third poem by announcing that this poem might be considered offensive to some people. Nothing could have prepared me for what followed after that. MIGHT be considered offensive!!! MIGHT!!!! My question is on what planet might it not be considered offensive!?!? It was beyond words disgusting. Talk about awkward. When it ended I didn't know whether to clap out of politeness or cry. So I basically just sat there with my jaw on the floor. All of his poems after that are a blur. Maybe they just seemed much more normal after that. Maybe my mind just blocked the rest out. Don't know, just hope that guy gets some things sorted out in his mind/heart/spirit/whatever.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Harder to Blog

Starting about seven or eight days ago, my life went from being pretty boring (in that I was only working 6 hours a week) to being pretty busy (working anywhere from 10-16 hrs/day). You all know about my tutoring job and now you all know about my lunch lady job, but I picked up another job as well. On the weekends I am working with a catering company and serving at their events. Last weekend I did a rehearsal dinner and a wedding reception. It was really fun. It did make Friday a rediculously long day. I was basically working from 8am to 12:30am, but I was ok with that. I was ok with that because it feels so good to have some income. I was ok with that because the people I was working with were quite entertaining. So anyways, all that to say that finding time to blog is becoming more difficult. Also, I moved in with my little sis and we don't have internet. So I have to visit mom and dad to get my computer time. The down side of this is that I will probably be posting less. The upside of this is that when I do post, hopefully it will be worth while and not just me being bored.

Also, the Blue Horse was fun. Sorry I didn't reply to you on the cost Jenn. The Blue Horse open mic night is $5.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Tomorrow night I'm going downtown to the Blue Horse to play open mic. I think Rodger is going to play too (he had to check with his spousal unit before he could commit). So come on over and hangout with us. It starts at 8:00pm.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Dum da da Dum

drum roll please. . .

He's British.
He has a beautiful wife and two sweet daughters.
He enjoys a good fart joke.
He dislikes post-its.
He is an incredible guitarist.
He's the worship director at my church in Cairo.
He's my newest blog buddy!!

Everybody go check out Mark's new blog!!!

Miss you big time too Mark!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Reason for the New Blog Title

I have finally got myself settled into a job. I am working at a preschool as the lunch lady/person who does anything and everything. It is a good feeling to have this area of my life a little more settled.
Tonight I am going out with my mom and sisters to celebrate at Bees Knees. I am so freakin' relieved.
But knowing that I am now a lunch lady, I constantly have the "lunch lady land" skit from SNL running through my head. I keep imagining myself as Chris Farley hugging a huge, dancing sloppy joe sandwich.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Curse Continues

I have this unnatural way of drawing weirdos to me. It's like some kind of magnetic force or gravitational pull. I didn't notice it so much when I was in Cairo because everything around me seemed a little bit strange and you really come to expect the unexpected there. But now that I'm back in Augusta and back in my "normal" settings, I realized today that I have still not lost my touch.

Today I went to Walmart to shop for a mini-trampoline. Whilst browsing the sporting goods aisles, I noticed an old man staring at me. Now this man truly was old. Not like just kind of older than me, we are talking like 75+ years old. So I politely smile at him and say hello. He says hello and asks me if I am married. I say no. He starts to say something more, but I cut him off and said that I didn't really want to be married either. Then he says, "oh, ok" and walks off. Now, I just hope and pray that the man was out bride hunting for his grandson or even his son would be not all that weird. But if this little old man is going to walmart to pick up chicks, that is just all too scary and hilarious at the same time.

Real Life Farckle

About a month ago my home group had a fun night. We played two games: Cranium and Farckle. Farckle is a dice game. It is a game based on how much of a risk taker you are. It is a game of chance. You may take a risk and win big or take a risk and end up with nothing at all. You can play more conservatively, but it is unlikely that you will be the winner. Usually conservative players come in somewhere in the middle at the end of the game. Whereas the risk-takers occupy the winning and losing slots.
This week I feel like I am in real life Farckle. I have been on a job hunt for about two months now. At the end of last week I was offered a job at a place that was not my first choice of places to work. It's not the type of job I want to do. The pay would be not so hot. The hours would be part-time. But on the other hand it wouldn't be a bad place to work, just not my first choice. I told the girl I would get back to her, as I was still interviewing at a few more places. So Monday I interviewed at a preschool, which is a job I am really interested in. The interview went well, just one hitch. The hours they needed someone to work interfere with the job I already have tutoring. However, she did know of another position open at one of the daycare's other locations. So she faxed my resume to the other location and the director there told me a little more about the job. The job is basically as the daycare lunch lady. The daycare is all the way out in Grovetown. I know it is probably not going to pay much. The only really good thing about this job is that the hours they need are perfect for me. The only other thing that keeps this job on the table for me is that it might open a door for me to work in an actual classroom as a sub and maybe even as a teacher. I interview with them tomorrow. Also I put in an application at Norrell Staffing today, because I know that Club Car has positions open. The good thing about club car: it's better pay than the other places, it would be fulltime, the hours would work well for me and I would get to work with Pat (possibly the most fun and exciting thing about this job). The bad things about club car: test driving golf carts will be boring beyond belief and it has absolutely nothing to do with education and will therefore not add much to the resume I am trying to build. The other thing about club car is that it is not a done deal. Norrell told me to call back in a few days to check up with them. So what if I wait a few days and lose my other two job opportunities and then Club Car doesn't even want me! Then it's back to the drawing board. Or should I play it safe and settle for one of the other two jobs I won't really like and that pay squat? I dont' know what to do. I just know I need a job real bad.

Friday, October 06, 2006

And You All Thought This Day Would Never Come. . .

I got a cell phone today. Now all of you may welcome me to the 90s.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Crossing My Fingers

I have an interview on Monday at a preschool/day care. I'm praying to leave the interview with a job.

I am scraping the bottom of my financial barrell. I have about $2.00 in my checking account. I'm doing a yardsale on Saturday in hopes of raising some gas money to tide me over till I get paid for tutoring. If you are in the Augusta area and into yardsales, come by and contribute to my cause. :O)

Monday, October 02, 2006

The Truth About Being a Woman

The truth about being a woman is that for two weeks of every month aliens invade your mind.
The truth about being a woman is that you spend half of your life feeling like you are not yourself.
The truth about being a woman is that you will spend so much energy fighting mental battles that you may be left with little energy or will power to do much else.
The truth about being a woman is that you feel like you have to hold your breath and pray that you can just keep it all together until the "aliens" leave.

Sometimes I hate hormones. They are the enemy.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Me and Mary

Will took this picture of me and my little sister at church the other day. I love my sister a whole lot.