Friday, May 30, 2008

Volleyball Night

Last night eleven church friends came over to my place to grill out and play volleyball. It was really fun. We got to feed burgers and pasta salad to some of my neighbors, and one neighbor even joined us for volleyball. It was pretty cool. I am really loving where I live. It is so nice to be able to host an event like that.

Well, not much else to say right now; however, as I mentioned in my last blog, this weekend has more than its fair share of good stuff going on. So hopefully, I will blog again Monday or Tuesday of next week (more than likely it will have to wait till Tuesday).

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial Day/Weekend

Well, I am back to the NC after a great weekend in good old GA. The weekend was sooooo great. Family, friends, and a housewarming party. Who could ask for anything more? There were a few friends I either didn't get to see at all or barely saw at all that I really would have liked to do some catching up with, but it is hard to find time for all your family and many of the friends you made over the course of about 15 years of living in that city. Sigh. But like I said, the time I had with the people I did get to see was great.

My older sister threw me a housewarming party, which was so nice. I got lots of little odds and ends I have been needing/wanting for my place (lamps, sheets, towels, candles, etc.)

Also, back when my little sister and I lived together, my parents gave her and I a TV for Christmas. When we moved out of that house and were no longer living together, I let her have the TV because I'm just not that much of a TV person. But now, she has another TV and gave me ours, which was great because the TV I was using was a tinsy 10" screen and ours is significantly larger (don't know the exact measurement though. So last night I hooked it up and discovered that for some reason this TV picks up way more stations than my little 10" did. With the 10" TV I was picking up about 13 stations consistantly and occasionally I could pick up 2 or 3 extra stations, but with my bigger TV I am picking up like 90 stations! I don't know the hows and whys on all of that, but. . . whatever. Now I still don't like the idea of becoming a TV junkie, but these days my social calendar is not what it used to be and I have to admit that I am turning to the tube a little more regularly. Am I glad about this? Not really. But it is what it is, and at least it's free (well not really, I'm sure the charge is included in my rent but I don't really have a choice about taking that out). Ok, enough rambling about a stupid TV :)

This week/weekend I am looking forward to a handful of events:
(1) A cook out and volleyball with church friends at my apartment on Thursday.
(2) Going to dinner and a paint-your-own-pottery place in Chapel Hill with a new friend on Friday.
(3) Esther coming to visit on Saturday!
(4) The new Sex in the City movie coming out! (I have to admit that Sex in the City is one of my guilty pleasures)
(5) Over the Rhine concert on Sunday night! (I would like to add that I could literally walk to this concert from my apartment. Have I mentioned that I love living in Carrboro?)

So at least my social calendar this week is up enough that I won't be resorting to the TV too much!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Back From a Wonderful Weekend

Well, its Monday again and that means back to work. But at least this week is sandwiched between two great weekends. (D.C. this past weekend to visit Sara and Esther and home to Augusta next weekend to visit family and many friends)

D.C. was great. No traffic problems there or back (woo hoo!) and great girl bonding time. I got in late on Friday evening and Sara, Esther, and I just spent sometime catching up on all the latest. Saturday, we met some of their friends for brunch and ate out on the lawn. It was beautiful weather and we practiced the fine art of throwing grapes in the air and catching them in our mouths (and also throwing grapes into other people's mouths). Then we went to an Asian Festival and just wandered around town for awhile making the most of the gorgeous day. Later, one of their friends made us an awesome dinner (Indian food. . . yummmmm) and we went out dancing (80s Night!!!!!!). I had to leave Sunday morning, but it was still a completely worthwhile visit, especially since both of them will be in Egypt all summer. I'll get to see Esther one more time before she goes (she is coming to visit me in two weeks!), but I won't see Sara again for several months (bummer).

Here is to next weekend. . . may it be every bit as wonderful as this past weekend!

Friday, May 16, 2008

My Downstairs Neighbor's Friends are a Little Scary

In general I really like my apartment complex. Sure, I had a rocky time at first with the apartment management not really being very responsive or helpful, and the guys I moved in after left the place looking like a train wreck. But after those initial annoyances, I had not one complaint. I haven't had overly noisy neighbors or an unreasonable gas bill to deal with, and since I have actually moved in the apartment management has actually been very helpful and freindly (I think it was just the one girl, who was incharge of taking care of my lease, who was not really doing her job). So on the whole, I would say my living experience there has been a good one thus far; however, I did have quite a shocker last Saturday.

I was out running around doing various and sundry tasks that one must do on a Saturday. I realized that I left something at my apartment that I needed, so I went back to my complex. I always listen to music in the car and sometimes when I get out I am still humming the last song I heard. So I hop out of my car humming away and jog up the first flight of stairs (I am on the third floor), but at the second floor a man who doesn't seem to speak english is shushing me. I was a little suprised and slightly offended and asked him why. He doesn't say anything, but points to his other hand which is holding a snake by the head!!!! So I just stood there in a mix of horror and shock and curiousity for about 30 seconds before I realized that I needed to just go up to my apartment and pray that the strange snake handler would leave and take his snake with him.

What was this guy doing? He was just standing outside of my downstairs neighbors apartment knocking on his door. Was he trying to suprise my neighbor? Did my neighbor lose his pet snake and this guy found it? Did my neighbors pet snake die and this guy found a replacement for him? The possibilities are endless. I just hope that it isn't a reoccuring incident!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Living For the Weekend

My next two weekends are going to be fan-freaking-tastic. This weekend I am going on a whirlwind trip to D.C. to visit with Sara and Esther K and still make it back to North Carolina in time for church on Sunday evening. There will be dancing and catching up and (as always with the me and the Kauffman girls) lots of giggling and acting like middle schoolers. I cannot wait.

Next weekend I am going home to GA for a nice long weekend (thanks to Memorial Day!). Hallelujah. I miss my mom so bad. I miss everybody else there alot too, but I'm really, really missing my mom. I haven't been home since Christmas and it has been hard. Luckily several people have come up to visit me. All of my family, except my brother and his crew, have come up to visit at some point. My friend Shelley came to visit me twice (she gets a gold star)! Alice, Esther, and Dan have all had at least a brief visit with me as well.

I get lonely sometimes living here with my family so far away and most of my close freinds scattered across the ends of the earth. But I will say that I am getting more accustomed to all the alone time. I am getting used to my social life being a little less eventful. I am growing to absolutely love having an apartment sans roommates. I learn alot about how I like things for myself when I don't have to worry about pleasing or accommodating anyone else. It's interesting. For example, I never realized how much I prefer organization over chaos or even organized chaos, until now that I have my own space that I get to keep just how I like it. Now I am not entirely anal about it, but I have to admit that maybe I am just the tinsiest bit anal about it. :)

Alright, enough rambling about whether or not I'm anal. I'll try to post again next week after my certain-to-be-fabulous weekend with the Kauffman's. Have a great rest of the week!

Friday, May 09, 2008

Has It Really Been Three Weeks?

I think that is a record for not blogging for me. Sheesh.

My excuse. I only have a computer at work. So all personal computer/internet related matters have to be done either on my lunch break or before my workday begins. To be honest, I sit for eight hours of my day looking at a computer screen, so by the time lunch comes around I am ready to not be looking at the screen. And showing up early to work sometimes happens and sometimes doesn't. All this to say that I haven't found the time for blogging recently. I miss it. I do manage to read other blogs from time to time, so at least I am able to stay current with what everybody else is up to (provided that they aren't blogging slackers like me).

Life in NC is generally good. No significant complaints here. The weather is nice. My job at the law office is going well. My job as a pet sitter/dog walker is going pretty well. Greenleaf is also going pretty well. My budget is going fairly well also. Things I am looking forward to:
1. The swimming pool at my apartment complex opening later this month!!!! Woo Hoo!!!
2. Going to visit Sara and Esther later this month!!!!
3. Going home to Augusta at the very end of the month!!!!!
4. Over the Rhine coming to Carrboro at the beginning of June!!!!
5. Esther coming to visit me at the beginning of June!!!!!
6. Possibly going to Charleston in June to meet up with Mary and Alice! (if my finances permit it).

Other updates are:
1. I am gradually getting more and more furniture. My livingroom really looks like a livingroom now! There are a few more things I would like for my livingroom, but it really is getting there. Other rooms in the apartment are still decidedly lacking in furniture, but still it's getting there. My most recent furniture addition was a sleeper sofa for my extra room. Now when company visits, they actually have a bed of sorts. Sweet.
2. Alot of babies have been born lately, the most recent addition, as far as my friends go, is Owen Lindsey. He was just born yesterday, and he is teeeeninsy. He was born at only 4 lbs and 7oz. (I think). But he is healthy, just itty bitty.
3. Working for a divorce attorney is really getting to me. I am starting to beleive that marriages just don't work. That is not good, but it's how it seems sometimes.
4. I can't think of anything else.

Well, here's hoping I have more excitement in my life soon, so that I'll have something to write about!